TikTok “Add Music to App” feature

TikTok “Add Music to App” feature


Last year November TikTok launched its “Add Music to App” feature in the UK and US. The feature enables TikTok users to add a track they discovered to their Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify accounts.

TikTok announced that they have now rolled out this feature worldwide. Not only is this feature very handy for the music lovers on TikTok, but it is also a signal to the music industry showing its added value.

Royalties on TikTok are low, but this new service enables users to listen to the music on platforms that pay much higher royalty rates.

Ironically, the image used by TikTok to share this news contains Martin Garrix (a UMG artist, Universal being the record company that pulled its content from TikTok earlier this month)


Sent on March 1, 2024

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